Monday, 24 September 2012

snow day!

We have been meaning to get to the snow all winter but colds and commitments have kept us away...till last weekend. We finally borrowed some toboggans, unpacked the snow suits and got there!

Along the way we spotted this little guy munching right by the side of the road. He waddled away from us before we could get too close but it was worth pulling over and getting out just to see his bum wiggle up the hill.

We stopped first at a spot just before Perisher. It turned out to be a slog getting over heath, melted snow and knee-deep drifts to get to a slope suitable for tobogganing. By the time we got there both kids had filled their boots with snow, Henry had dunked his gloves in water and Greg and I were pretty worn out.

I had to hand over one of my socks to placate a nearly hysterical Henry once the snow melted in his boot, but that's all in a day's work. I ended up having to relinquish my gloves for much the same reason later on too.


But energy was found for quite a few rides down the slope, plenty of snow angels and a decent snowball fight.

At Perisher later on for some hot chips and a beer.

We actually suited up again after this and had a few more slides down the proper toboggan slope. I was really bad at steering and managed to lose both kids over the side (face-plant into the snow at speed) each time. Luckily Greg was better and they ended up agreeing that on the whole tobogganing was a fun thing to do.

It was 23 degrees in Bungendore and three hours later, we're in snow! So much fun.

A day after and I am washing, washing, washing.


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