Sunday, 9 September 2012

dogs, hailstones and broccoli

Spring is finally making an appearance around here. Bungendore is coming alive with daffodils and freesias and cherry blossoms. Our garden seems to have quite a lot of each, which is lovely. 

But there has been a few last ditch winter freezy bits to keep us on our toes (and in our warm coats).

The good news is that Greg's broccoli (or it might be broccolini, he can't remember) has finally got to picking stage and it is so good! The best tasting and most tender broccoli ever. And what better way to share it than in our family favourite broccoli pasta - yum!

Our lovely neighbours go away every now and then and we feed their pups for them. The kids love the dogs and love looking after them so this weekend we asked if we could take them for a walk as well. Rizzo (the Border Collie) is still pretty crazy (she's not even 1 yet) and pretty useless on the lead so they mostly fought over who could hold Charlie. We also took the kites. 

I love seeing the kids having so much fun with the dogs. We'd love to get a pup one day and Henry is so keen but we will wait till Velcro passes on and till we own our own house. Renting with a dog is just too difficult. Once upon a time I would have turned my nose up at anything smaller than a beagle but watching Rizzo tear around the yard next door, seeing the fence get built and re-built higher and higher, the jumping up and the crazy barking, and the fact that Henry goes on and on about wanting the "smallest dog there is" means that my opinion has changed. It wouldn't be a chihuahua (despite what Henry might say) but if a dog ever becomes part of the family, as much as I really do love Rizzo (and she is so pretty) it will be smaller, and quieter....and we still need to convince Greg.


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Damo said...

Marns - no Chihuahua! you need to get a dog that suits Greg's handsome looks and supreme manliness.

I suggest the following:
Great dane
Saint Bernard
Tibetan Mastiff

Only the above dogs would be a suitable match for Greg.

Love always,