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Sewing Pattern Bonanza

I thought I'd show a few of my favorite patterns (for my fellow interwebz sewing retro fans) from the stash my lovely mother-in-law gave me the other day. I must remember to ask her if she has any photos of her wearing any of the dresses she made from these.

I didn't realise that multisize patterns were a relatively new thing. All these patterns (apart from some of the kids ones) are single size. Luckily they are all pretty close to my size so provided I can work out the instructions (some are incredibly brief) and the pattern pieces are all there I should still be able to use them.

Box lovingly decorated in the 80s by my sister-in-law (nice job Lori)!

Some are in extremely poor condition but hopefully will still be useable.

Academy Pattern 4074  size 16 years
The dropped waist seems a little unusual for this era? I asked Jill what she wore underneath this and she said just a single layer petticoat with a curtain wire at the edge. Apparently some girls wore the layered netting crinoline type petticoats but they were hard to make and expensive.

Butterick 8342 Bust 34 Size 14

Jill remembers making this one. It's such a simple pattern and I really like the cut. I found an image of the pattern here and you can really see how much it has faded and aged in comparison.

I have a modern pattern (New Look 6457) similar to this but with princess seams.

Style 2440 Size 14 Bust 92cm Miss
 I like all the bodice variations on this and think it might make a nice top as well.

Style 2689 Miss Style 12 Bust 34"

Another simple pattern. The bell sleeves are cute. The model image on the left looks exactly the same as the model in the middle of the pattern above - a standard look I guess.

Style 4039 Miss Size 12 Bust 34"
 I like both necklines on this and now that (after having breastfed two kids) I've got no boobs anymore can probably get away with the low neckline without looking as bawdy as I used to.

Simplicity 6967 Miss Size 12 Bust 32

More cute necklines and perhaps a good pattern for practising collars (depending on the detail of the instructions of course, being that most of the time I have no idea what I am doing).

Simplicity 1498 Size 14 Waist 71cm
Really couldn't get away with shorts or a skirt like this but they are so groovy. They might work if I made them a bit longer. Did most people sew their own sports wear?

Simplicity 5541 Girls Size 8 Breast 27" Waist 23 1/2"

Simplicity 9794 Girls Size 8 Breast 27"

Quite a few of the kids patterns are size 8. I guess Jill had a sewing frenzy that year.

Butterick 5220 Size 12 Breast 76cm 30"

Simplicity 6912 Medium 8-10 Girl
Style 2843 Boys Size 8 Neck 12" Chest 27" Waist 24"
Style 2568 Child 2568 Size 6 Breast 25"
Simplicity 9289 Child Size 1 Breast 20" Waist 19 1/2"
Jill actually had all the pieces for one of these cut out in a cute little print with flowers and hearts. I think she had intended to make it for one of my nieces but never finished it. Hopefully I can get it done.

Simplicity 5565 Size Large 42-44" Mens

I can't imagine ever making these but just had to share the shorts. Maybe I should make them for the fella just so that he'd have to wear them. Something in toweling perhaps?

There are lots more patterns in the box, mostly skirts and then the rest are 80s stuff that I wouldn't wear. The skirts are all pretty cool, I just don't wear them very often.



thehobbyharbor said...

You just got lucky with so many patterns :)

marnie said...

I know, but I'm still a bit too scared to try any of them! I think I need to be a little more experienced before I dive in.