Saturday, 29 September 2012

end of an era

The green couch is gone! I'd finally had enough. Greg had re-done the elastic webbing for the third time, one of the zips on the cushions wouldn't do up anymore, there was no fabric left under the base, it was saggy at the front and under the cushions was ripped and torn in several places.

So whilst cruising ebay I found a velvet 3 seater that matches almost perfectly with the two armchairs we already own...for pickup in Canberra?! And whilst we were carrying it out the door I made an offer on the huge red rug under the dining table (it was an estate sale) and she sold me that too.

Hooray, new loungeroom! For 120 bucks!

The rug is quite worn in places but it's huge and I think it has a certain faded glory thing going on. The couch is not my perfect pick but the big white cushiony one of my dreams is not really a practical choice till the kids are older anyway.

So whatever, it's not ripped and it's not saggy. Nice.


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