Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mum's away

Marn's gone to Perth for four days for her Dad's 60th, so I thought I had better post something at the halfway point,  just so she can see we're coping ok.

We got home from dropping mum at the airport and found a Mila birthday box of goodies from Beli that included this pretty dress
On the way home from preschool we went for a wander in some great light along the train track

Friday night there was some nude dancing in the dark after dinner, of course

Saturday morn - Mila rode her bike all the way to the cafe; Henry wore his cricket hat

Had some fun at the cafe with the Laverty crew - there was no way I was going to get them all in the shot and looking at the camera
Did some roly polies down the hill

Milly stopped crying long enough for me to take a teary smiley photo of her static trampoline hairdo
Watched a movie after dinner Sat night
Yeah we're coping ok so far

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The one when Milly turned two

Our baby girl turned two today. 

There were streamers and balloons, a new playhouse and a small, simple birthday morning tea that kind of blew out into a kid-crazed big bash. I suspect there wasn't enough food in the end, but we managed. There was enough sugar in her purple hippo cake to keep them going in circles for hours anyway.

I know, I know, that cake is kind of....very....purple. But the kids liked it.

 Milly and Henry helped Greg build the playhouse while I set up inside.

 Testing out the door.

All done and into it.

 Some more friends arrive.

 Checking out the new fun stuff.

Robbie (a favourite friend) checks out the workmanship.

 Birthday song and cake. She did beautifully (code for successfully beating her brother to blow out her candles first).

A really good day. Happy birthday baby girl.


Monday, 18 June 2012

right now

This is what the kids are doing right now...

I think it's really funny. It's a day at home, so why not.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Chilly Bungers

It's cold here in Bungendore. Our fire has not been out since May. Sure there's plenty of colder places on Earth, in Australia even, but for me ice in puddles and frost so thick it looks like snow is still a novelty.
The poor mint, still in ice at 3 in the afternoon.

I wish I had remembered the camera last week because it was the most spectacularly beautiful morning I can ever recall seeing in this little town. And we were so late for school because every icy puddle had to be cracked and lifted and examined...and then smashed. So much looking and exploring and laughing (because throwing bits of ice and having it smash all over the ground is hilarious in that delicious 'this might be naughty' kind of way).

We can walk a couple of slightly different ways to school but the favourite is usually across the paddocky bit and through (yes literally through) the creek and under the bridge. Often the creek is empty but since at least March there has been a steady flow of ankle deep water running under the bridge. Generally Henry scrambles up the steep concrete slope at the side as I carry Milly in my arms and trudge through the water and mud in my gumboots. I wear gumboots a lot. Sometimes I have even pushed the pram through provided the basket underneath clears the wet.

I did remember to bring the camera for the walk home later in the afternoon, and it's still pretty, but you'll have to take my word for it that the morning was amazing.

Henry is a little worn out here from doing rolly-pollies down the hill behind us.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Little day out

The kids and I went to Questacon today.  We have been there a lot. For a while there, before Milly was born, Henry and I went every Thursday on our 'Canberra / swimming lessons day'. It's a science museum and has heaps of really cool stuff for kids to do. It also has a great little lounge with free tea and coffee, kid size tables and chairs, high chairs and a door that can't be opened by small hands (so you can feed them, let them run around and they can't escape). We don't go there quite as much as we used to so the kids were pretty excited to be there again.

We had a picnic on the lawn outside once the confines of walls became too much for Henry.

And then we went to a mall to buy a toaster. The funny thing is that in retelling my day to Greg I described the mall moments as being fairly incident free. And it was, except of course, Milly and Henry tore around under all the clothes racks, Milly discovered she could pull clothes off hangers with a big jerk and they would make this really funny thwop, twang sound as the hanger springs out from the shoulders, flies up and the clothes heap up on the floor, they hid under a display and knocked over all the shoes stored underneath (at least they are playing together nicely), Henry smashed a bottle of nail polish on the floor and when Milly refused to go any further because she wanted to go up an escalator and flopped and flipped and yelled on the floor in the middle of an open area, Henry and I joined her in a big pile together and it was really funny.

As far as my kids go, that WAS incident free.

And we even managed to buy that toaster.