Monday, 4 June 2012

Little day out

The kids and I went to Questacon today.  We have been there a lot. For a while there, before Milly was born, Henry and I went every Thursday on our 'Canberra / swimming lessons day'. It's a science museum and has heaps of really cool stuff for kids to do. It also has a great little lounge with free tea and coffee, kid size tables and chairs, high chairs and a door that can't be opened by small hands (so you can feed them, let them run around and they can't escape). We don't go there quite as much as we used to so the kids were pretty excited to be there again.

We had a picnic on the lawn outside once the confines of walls became too much for Henry.

And then we went to a mall to buy a toaster. The funny thing is that in retelling my day to Greg I described the mall moments as being fairly incident free. And it was, except of course, Milly and Henry tore around under all the clothes racks, Milly discovered she could pull clothes off hangers with a big jerk and they would make this really funny thwop, twang sound as the hanger springs out from the shoulders, flies up and the clothes heap up on the floor, they hid under a display and knocked over all the shoes stored underneath (at least they are playing together nicely), Henry smashed a bottle of nail polish on the floor and when Milly refused to go any further because she wanted to go up an escalator and flopped and flipped and yelled on the floor in the middle of an open area, Henry and I joined her in a big pile together and it was really funny.

As far as my kids go, that WAS incident free.

And we even managed to buy that toaster.



lydia said...

I love that pic of Milly post picnic in the sunshine!

Also, impressive work on the pattern sewing Marn! I often look at the Wiksten blog, and never imagine sewing anything - I love her simple lines. your battling through the tricky bits is totally commendable!

Love to you x

Nina said...

This fabric's really nice for a Tova shirt! By the way, the email you got when you bought the PDF pattern gives this trick for checking the print size: "To make sure your pattern printed at the correct size, measure the key box at the end of the pattern. It should be 3 5/8" wide by 2 15/16" tall." Jenny told me those measurements are to the inside of the lines.

marnie said...

Thanks Nina, you are a gem! I had some vague recollection of reading that and then couldn't find the reference again. Your Tova is really lovely. I don't have a serger either but I am not nearly as precise, or clever as you (in other words the inside of mine is just zig-zagged and wonky).

Jo said...

Great Tova - and I don't think it looks bogan at all (plaid is tainted for us Aussies, hey!). I found the same with my first Tova, the bust was a bit tight, so the next time I used the size up, but the shoulders were a bit low then. And I'm quite small busted. Hmm, I probably need to do some adjustments too. Love your puffy sleeves, really nice touch.

marnie said...

Thanks Jo, just read your blog and I too have been spending a bit too much time in my own head planning my next Tova! Your Ikat sleeveless version is terrific.