Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The one when Milly turned two

Our baby girl turned two today. 

There were streamers and balloons, a new playhouse and a small, simple birthday morning tea that kind of blew out into a kid-crazed big bash. I suspect there wasn't enough food in the end, but we managed. There was enough sugar in her purple hippo cake to keep them going in circles for hours anyway.

I know, I know, that cake is kind of....very....purple. But the kids liked it.

 Milly and Henry helped Greg build the playhouse while I set up inside.

 Testing out the door.

All done and into it.

 Some more friends arrive.

 Checking out the new fun stuff.

Robbie (a favourite friend) checks out the workmanship.

 Birthday song and cake. She did beautifully (code for successfully beating her brother to blow out her candles first).

A really good day. Happy birthday baby girl.



Damo said...

Marns, that is the most awesome cake ever!

marnie said...

Thanks Damo, I'll save you a piece! xx

lydia said...

Happy happy birthday Miss Milly, Hippo Hippo Hooray!!

(again, your mum, what a star, the cake rocks - and the house looks gorgeous.. your one marn not the wee one!) xo