Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sewing weekend success

We mostly stayed home this weekend. Greg continued his endless tinkering with the chook house door system and his beloved compost piles. The kids mostly just ran around after him, hiding tools and messin with stuff. I did lots of sewing and loved it.

I fear this blog may soon turn into more of a sewing / knitting blog than a family event record as crafting is all I really want to talk about. Oh that and the corny TV shows I like to watch ('New Girl' I'm looking at you), oh and my chickens, yeah ok the kids sometimes too...and atheism. Sometimes I like to ask people about religion and beliefs and rational thinking though usually (and this is often news to me) at 'unexpected' moments. 

I can't help it. I find it interesting to know what people think about the big stuff. I'm often surprised by how little people think about it at all.

 So whilst NOT thinking about the big stuff myself over the weekend, I did lots of sewing repairs and finished a couple of things I'm really happy with. One of the legacies of being new to sewing (and teaching yourself) is doing a bad job on seams. This is due mostly to rushing to finish the garment so you can wear it or see it on. Unfortunately then you must go back once your skills have improved (and more importantly you have learned to take your time) to patch up the holes and dodgy stitching. A very boring job. 

But I did get to do lots of fun sewing too. I made a tiny pocket tank for Belinda using a beautiful piece of vintage Liberty cotton a friend gave me (from her mum's old stash). 

It really was lovely to sew with and I wish I could afford to buy some (but at $45 a metre I may have to wait till...never) and finished the cutest little skirt for Piea. It was my first go at an Oliver + s pattern and it turned out beautifully. I had read loads about these patterns on other blogs and finally gave in to the extra expense. They really are all they are cracked up to be - easy to follow with lovely details. 

This was my first go at adding piping and I was really happy with the result. I have plenty of the corduroy left so I'm considering making another for Zoe and perhaps Milly as well. She really wanted one as soon as she saw the finished product. Actually so did Henry, especially after he tried it on and it fit him perfectly. Greg never handles that particularly well, he makes a noise a bit like Marge Simpson, frowns and quietly asks me to take it off. He's kind of kidding and kind of not.

I love that the kids get so excited by the things I make for them. They really do think they are special and want "one for me" as soon as I finish something for the other. I made the kids pjs this year, Milly actually got three pairs and they get stroppy if there are no Mummy jammies clean and ready to wear.

It even works as emotional blackmail. I knitted Henry a vest last winter that still fits beautifully but for some reason he doesn't usually like to put on...unless I say something like, "but I made this for you. I worked really hard on it and I knitted it just for you" and he almost always relents. I know this sort of sentiment won't work forever. There will be dark, dark teenage days but the memory of him caring once when he was little about the effort I put in, the knowledge that inside that pimply, angry, grunting, food disposal beast is the little boy that wore the vest his mum knitted him because he cared about her and to please her will hopefully be enough to get me through the worst. And maybe, hopefully, we'll get him back...when he's about 27.

Oh and lastly a little bit of Greg gold - 
(We were sitting having dinner and Greg said to me)

Greg - seen as though you had a 'day off' today because I had to put Milly down for her sleep, and they hung out outside with me while you did all your sewing stuff, it must mean that you have to do the bath and bedtime thing tonight.

Me  - 'day off?' Oh right, except that I went to the shops for food, made the beds, made morning tea, lunch and this dinner you are eating, did two loads of washing, vacuumed the house, mopped all the floors and did the dishes? And besides I think it's good for Milly to not always be put to bed by me.

Greg - oh yes, well that's true. That is good for her.

Me - Aha. Day off - my arse.  



Anonymous said...

Milly helping in the garden in her fairy dress, Henry being indespensible at the compost station, my own memories of those dark teenage years( which did conclude around age 27, Sean i'm looking at you)..... all gold!

Nice work team, love from Nona

marnie said...

Thanks mama, it's nice to know someone at least is reading my blog...and enjoying it. xx

lydia said...

A few comments.
-"Day off!" - hilarious
-I heart New Girl, less hilarious but a guilty pleasure
-My brother has taken to calling his son, Elton, due to young Jayke's love affair with hair clips and fake gerbra stems (both handmedowns from his favourite aunt).. he is not super happy about that either
-You are an inspiration. I love you, and your family is beautiful.