Saturday, 5 May 2012

beach holiday

We had a beautiful, relaxing week with Greg's mum and dad. We shared a little holiday house near Bateman's Bay and spent lots of sunny days hanging out and having fun.

We got a couple of comments about Greg's 'roof rack'.
We went to Mogo zoo. A great zoo, they have a heap of white lions, lots of gibbons and lemurs and a herd of fallow deer that you can feed. The kids really liked the two clever little otters that do tricks for their food (apparently they need the extra stimulation and 'enrichment' of training to keep them from getting bored). And I agree, brainy otters are cool.

We also all really liked the open enclosure that was home to a family of siamang gibbons. They live on a large grassy island and you could sit really quite close to them on the opposite bank as they sat around and did their thing. It was so peaceful and their baby was so very cute as it gambolled from one adult to the next for a cuddle or to share a bit of food.

These are not the gibbons.

These the background!

There was a luxurious snow leopard padding about flaunting his fur. Were it not for the cage I would not have been able to stop myself from stroking him. He was mesmerizing and hypnotic and I definitely would have lost my hand.

Greg and his Dad did some fishing and hired a tinny for an afternoon's boating about. Milly refused to wear the lifejacket so we had to stay behind. No fish were caught but Henry was still pretty stoked by the fact that he now has his very own fishing rod.

And the beach. We spent a couple of great days digging and building, paddling and checking out rock pools. As is often the way, we spent a fortune on snacks and entry fees and the kids still got pretty whingy and tired toward the end of the zoo trip but all we had was bottles of water and sandy vegemite sandwiches at the beach and they could have stayed all day.

We spent one day at the beach near Mossy Point. Most of the time we hung out in the calm little bit where the creek meets the sea. 

Some serious dribble castle action

And one morning at North Brulee. A really beautiful spot. We didn't swim, it was a bit too cold, just played on the sand and fooled around. The kids rode their bikes along the path from Mossy Point. Milly is getting quite speedy on her balance bike and really getting a kick out of scooting along.

Greg took me to the movies one evening while the grandparents babysat the kids. A date! Out at night! NO KIDS! We saw the Avengers. Greg wasn't keen at first but the choice was limited and besides I love a blockbuster and thought it was great fun.

I was sick with a cold for most of the week and now the kids have it but we still all managed to soldier on and have plenty of fun.

We also came home with some seriously good booty. Well actually, mostly me. Greg's mum brought over all her old sewing patterns and there is some great retro stuff from the 50s in there. As well as some seriously questionable mens fitness wear and a nice 80s batwing sleeve or two. Greg's dad also bought a very nice bottle of whiskey whisky that we enjoyed all week, then let us take the rest home. Whoot.

Our lovely neighbours looked after our chooks and fed the Velcro whilst we were away. I worried all week about the old furry fella as we had set up an open window and short ladder for him (so he could let himself in and out) and I was concerned it might get tricky for him and his arthritic legs. I also thought he might be a little lonely. Usually he complains for a couple of hours at least whenever we return from a holiday - just follows me around loudly meowing - but not this time. He was pretty much quiet as a mouse. We suspect he enjoyed the peace and quiet and, as it turns out, had a nice holiday too.


update: I have been told to correct my spelling of whiskey to whisky....or I won't be getting any more. It's tough love but fair enough.

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