Friday, 13 April 2012

rainy days

I haven't taken any more photos this week but I do have a bunch from the last few weeks that are pretty fun...

We had lots and lots of rain not long after we moved in. The front yard got pretty swampy. That's our yard all the way past the light post (that's ours too) and right up to that line of fence you can see behind Milly.

                                                        As did the front 'courtyard'.

                                               Which makes for good fun splashing.

                                                   And nude racing, apparently.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Damo said...

Let me be the first to comment!

Love your work Marns!

x Damo

marnie said...

Hello Damo! So great to hear from you darl...even if you were really only checking out Greg. xx

Anonymous said...

cheers chook, up to speed now so watch this space.

Pictures of Patrick and Selma please, cos they're my favourites.

LOve Nona

Anonymous said...

Was soooooo lovely to see you and the fam! Thanks for coming out in the cold. I think your blog is a great idea, and we will 'watch this space'

Damo said...

Well, Greg is a studly looking man, he's hard to resist ;-)

Is your email still your @hotmail email?

marnie said...

Yep, still the same one.