Wednesday, 4 April 2012

First blog day

My new blog. I've been wrestling with this on and off throughout the day today - trying to 'customise' it without much success. Nevertheless here it is. I thought a good place to start might be to take a few photos of our day. Unfortunately I didn't get any of the kids being delightful at the French restaurant this morning (because they were) and instead now have a record of Tina the moulting chook, my spotty toenails and ummm not much else.

Lets face it, that was my day.

Poor Tina!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I stumbled across this gorgeous blog written by a gorgeous lady :-) I'm jealous and might have to set up my own (actually I've been asking Amir to use his blog-setting-up skills for a while without much success) I'm particularly in awe of Greg ( and his helpers) willingness to do so much handywork! Lots of love Sianxxx

marnie said...

Oh Hooray Hi Sian! Set up your own, it's really pretty easy. 'Blogger' does it for free and it's all laid out in a fairly straightforward way. That's if you are happy with a basic template like mine. Amir can probably do a fancier one. Love you. xx