Monday, 4 February 2013

first day

Check out my super little guy on the way to his first day at school. 

He was up and in his uniform by 6.30am before the rest of us had even made it out of bed (just like his cousin Maddie it seems). 

He told me a few days ago that he didn't mind at all leaving all his Bungendore friends and starting a new school, living in all these different houses, having all his stuff stored away "in the truck" (a common reference around here lately), or moving to Perth because, "I can just make new friends mum. And besides, I'm a traveller. I just like travelling and staying in different places".

Ah my boy, I really do believe you are right.

When we said goodbye to him at school, he barely looked up to see us go. And far from falling asleep in his dinner, that first big day doesn't seem to have slowed him down one bit.

Featuring Mila the serial photo bomber

So far, his favourite part of school is "playtime".

But there are days and days of school to go yet and we're prepared for possible hiccups and down days and disasters. Here's hoping the triumphs far outweigh the terribles.

We love you Henry Leo McPherson, big school going boy.



Jessie said...

Aw, congratulations favourite Hobo Henry!!! What a star Marnie and Greg, you've brung him up good. And love your little photo bombing Mila!

Tilly and Noah said...

Congratulations to all of you! Henry looks so grown up in his uniform and my Milly looks cheekier than the last time I saw her. I am sure Henry will love big school as much as Noah does (which is a whole lot). We miss you all.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hello,Ive found your blog,Im in WA too but a bit further out from the city,what I was thrilled about was seeing your old machine,wow,its a slightly older model of mine (gifted to to me from my SIL,it was her Mums),These old Berninas are the best,I bought a second one from the Bernina centre in Perth,an ex school and its a Sport,a very heavy little machine but still sews beautifully

lydia said...

I can't believe it!! School!

lydia said...

Speaking of which, I read this blog sometimes and Jodi writes so beautifully about their lil guy beginning the school adventure too..