Thursday, 3 January 2013

floating in the city

My poor neglected blog, it's been ages. The babies are asleep, Greg is staring at his ipad (as usual) and for the first time in what feels like ages I have the time and energy to revisit the blog, and reflect on the past few weeks.

We're in Perth, we've left Bungendore and we are still looking for somewhere to live. We are having a lovely time mind you, but I am starting to panic just a little bit.

I just found this photo and already Bungendore seems so far away and almost as if we were never really there. It's just a shot of the kids watching as the Volvo was loaded to be taken to Perth. But look at all that sky! Perth is great but I sure do miss that sense of space.

As far as moves go it has been and is pretty cruisy. Greg's work covered the cost of everything and is still paying for the temporary accommodation. We've got a couple more weeks booked and paid for at the lovely Mt Lawley home we are at at the moment and there are safety nets available at Amy's and my Dad's but school starts soon and Greg goes back to work and it would be so much better if we were settled. The good and really exciting news is that we have got pre-approval for finance to buy our own home (whoot) but finding a place is taking so long! We are hanging out for as long as we can but eventually we may just have to give in and rent for a while.

The kids haven't missed a beat. It's all just one big holiday for them. Perth has an abundance of really amazing and free playgrounds, their Dad (who is a totally fun guy) is home ALL the time, there's fish and chips at the beach, Nona pops in all the time, as does Poppy and Lynda, their cousins are super fun, Aunty Amy is cool and brings treats and it's hot so they have spent most of their waking hours in nothing but their underwear. Plus, Mum and Dad are buying a house and that means pretty soon there is going to be....a dog!

Now all we need is that thing with walls and a roof. In fact it may not be much longer until those two things constitute my entire criteria.



Damo said...

Welcome back Marnabananananananana

lydia said...

I miss you x

Anonymous said...

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Notredame Delux said...
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Notredame Delux said...

i would like to fin the 2440 style pattern. I look for long time on the internet. I would like to buy one like this...