Wednesday, 31 October 2012

weekend cricket and rodeo shows

Henry has started playing 'Milo Cricket' on Saturday mornings. It's pretty fun. They don't actually play a game, it's just skills and cricket themed activities. 

It starts at 8am (which is a pretty early start for us) so the boys go down first and Milly and I saunter down to the ground a bit later.

The Bungendore Rodeo was on last weekend too.

Henry took a mate, we had a sausage and an icecream and saw some bucking broncos, barrel races and calf wrangling. The kids lasted pretty much as long as the food did and then demanded to go home.

Oh and these shots are from a National Park just east of here towards Sydney in the Southern Highlands (Bungendore is in an area called the Southern Tablelands in case you were wondering). We had been to a friend's Christening in a little town near the park and checked out the view before heading home. So beautiful. 


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lydia said...

I love this second last shot of your two beauties checking out the geology. I love you too xo