Sunday, 5 August 2012

little milestones

Just lately Henry has started coming home from preschool with a few completed projects. Some kids seem to have some sort of artwork or cardboard construction every time they walk out the door but not our boy. I'm not sure why, though I suspect he's just more interested in playing with the other kids in a more active way. He loves doing craft at home, in fact both kids do but I still can't help feeling a little moment of anticipation when I pull open his tray at school in the hope there might be something in there. I think it's just because it's a window into what he gets up to all day. The most you usually get out of the teachers is "he had a good day", I couldn't even get much of an answer out of one when I asked which other kids he played with. It makes you wonder, are the teachers smoking behind the bikeshed from 10 to 2?

Anyway, last week he came home with this...

He wrote his name! And you can't really see it in this photo but he also did a really good job of cutting along the line. I made such a silly mum fuss when I found this in his tray.

And the other day we went home with a project he had not had time to finish at school. So we took all the bits home and finished it there. This is Henry working hard at the kitchen table (in his undies of course because it's at least 5 degrees outside and probably a balmy 10 in the sunroom). Nice job buddy!

Oh and speaking of working hard, Greg dug a new sandpit for the kids. It knocked him out so much that he had to have a nanna-nap in the afternoon.


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